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Sam: /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
Jay: spikes
Sam: if you touch them, you’ll lose all your rings
Sam: ____/\/\/\/\_______ ________—-_____|___
Sam: there’s a Sonic level for you
Sam: I was going to add a loop, but it wouldn’t look right without a monospace font

/ \       
\_/_____/\/\/\/\____         ____-----____+__

Sam: >^_^< can be the boss at the end Sam: then you jump on a O and lots of . . . . . .'s jump around Sam: well, more like a [_]

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  1. stargazer42

    What’s the +? One of those checkpoint things? Or was that the |?

    1. jayyy


      1. admin

        Yeah, the + is one of those sign posts at the end of the stage that you run past to finish the level. The | was supposed to be too, but + looks better, so we’ll pretend the | was one of those star posts.

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