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I kid you not, the following is a real SPAM that I recieved yesterday.

Subject: Don’t flood with your sperm the neighbors downstairs after using our Spermamax.

[email protected] what couId [email protected] 1f the k1ngs weren’t @ble t0 father.
Now there wouldn’t be any0ne to rule the world.
And the civilization would have died many centuries ago.
Maybe they used herbs that are enclosed
in Spermamax and thus had no problems with fertility function.
Maybe this can be a way out for you too.
She will cum only from seeing you cum with Spermamax.
Your mother has always dreamed of having sweet grandkids
but your fertility functions don’t let you make her dream come true.
Don’t worry, Spermamax will make your mom happy

First off — ew? My poor neighbors! Second, not only do they insult my “fertility functions”, but they have to bring my mom into it! Why does anyone ever buy these things?

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  1. silverfae9

    Ok, I am totally squicked out by the mom part.

  2. mrlachatte

    All I ever get is Japanese email company invitations 🙁

  3. chriskewl

    No, the worst part about it is that my mom had this conversation with me on the way back from her friend’s house when I was in town to visit last Saturday. When I was driving her back she said “I want to have grandchildren, not right now, but soon.” It took the joy out of sex for awhile afterwards.

    … And then I read this. I tell you, it’s a conspiracy and she’s in on it. I am not going to mate because I want children, dammit! Children are God’s way of saying “Ooh snap, why didn’t you use any birth control?” And yes, God would say “Ooh snap” because he has “flava”. He rolls like that.

    And I have never had a problem with my neighbours below us, even when I did pour 1/2 the fish tank on our carpet.


  4. sohailali

    HAHA, they talked about your mom! So are you going to make your momma happy? by flodding your neighbors?

  5. Anonymous

    spermamax spam

    Spam is making me very angry right now. It exists solely because people buy from spammers!

    I haven’t had the same spam mail you have had, but I have had a couple of different ones – http://torex.org/wordpress/?s=spermamax

    This spam email you received is almost poetic!

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