DreamZZT can now save your games to the website:

And play them through the in-game browser:

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  1. Brilliant work! When do we get to play it?!! 😀

    1. I still need to write the leaderboard, and it still needs a bit more polish (the username/password should be stored in the config file, instead of having mine hardcoded, etc.). I was hoping to have it ready for Christmas but I caught a cold from a coworker thursday so I’ve been going a bit slower than I’d hoped.

      I should hopefully have a private beta ready sometime next week, and if all goes well I’ll open it up to the public for new years.

  2. Most importantly, when is it going to work on Dreamcast?

    1. The Dreamcast does not have enough RAM to decompress all the game boards at once. Future versions of DreamZZT will keep the game compressed and only decompress the active board, but that’s not going to be ready for a while.

      I have no plans to implement the online features on the Dreamcast, as the number of people with Broadband Adapters that are also interested in ZZT is tiny. If someone manages to get KOS to connect to a dialup ISP using the modem, I’ll revisit online support for the Dreamcast.

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