MobileScrobbler 1.2.3

Bug Fixes
* Keep aspect ratio when scaling profile image
* Hide the prefs keyboard when touching the Done button, a toggle slider, or a table cell title
* Correct a typo in the French translation
* Empty the queue more frequently and properly recover from server timeout errors
* Reduce the font size on the love/ban/skip labels since firmware 1.1.1 doesn’t support auto-resizing. This prevents the French translation of “Love” from being truncated.

It should be available in Community Sources shortly.

MobileScrobbler 1.2.2

New Features
* French translation by Yann Jouanique and Laurent Desmonceaux
* Display lyrics stored in IDv3 tag if present
* Localize the display of numbers and dates
* Display the remaining time instead of the duration
* Improved events view layout

Bug Fixes
* Better detection of tapping vs. scrolling in the playback view
* Hide the gender field if empty
* Center the radio station title
* Resize the UIScrollerView when switching between views
* Use an alternate method of displaying the profile image
* Use an alternate method of detecting wifi connection, avoids a crash if CommCenter service has been stopped on an iPhone (you must disable EDGE usage in the preferences first if you intend to stop CommCenter)

It should be available in Community Sources shortly.

Edit: There was a problem with 1.2.2 running on firmware 1.1.1. This issue has been resolved, please upgrade to version 1.2.2a.

MobileScrobbler 1.2.1

New Features
* Spanish translation contributed by José E. Andrade

Bug Fixes
* Hide gender and age if not specified
* Prevent the song transition from happening multiple times
* Improve network detection and add additional debug information related to connect/disconnect
* Display track tags instead of artist tags on track info view
* Fix a typo in the neighborhood radio stream URL
* Reduce polling frequency when iPod isn’t playing music, should improve battery usage
* Increase auto-hide delay to 30 seconds, hide controls when tapping an empty area.
* Hide tags, similar artists, and artist scrobble count if empty

MobileScrobbler 1.2.0

MobileScrobbler 1.2.0 is released!

New Features
* Display radio station names
* Tappable hyperlinks for artists and tags in playback view
* Links to purchase songs through iTunes Music Store
* Show / hide the playback controls
* Display lyrics for the current song
* Improved playback layout contributed by Jan García
* German translation contributed by Jan García
* Split scrobbler into standalone daemon
* View artists’ upcoming events and add them to your calendar
* Listen to your personal radio and loved tracks (Last.FM subscribers only)
* Discovery mode (Last.FM subscribers only)
* Support re-buffering the radio stream, enable streaming over EDGE
* Cache metadata for offline browsing

Bug Fixes
* Properly handle inserting / removing headphones
* Properly handle unicode characters in log file
* Fall back to English wiki entry if localized wiki entry is unavailable
* Make sure certain unicode characters don’t trigger the search button
* Switch to xingmp3 for mp3 stream decoding, should result in better audio quality

It should be available in Community Sources shortly. Happy Holidays!

Profile view

I’ve revamped the main interface layout in MobileScrobbler:

The new starting screen shows your profile info with buttons to play your radio stations. Search has been moved onto a button bar at the bottom. You can also access the Now Playing view at any time by tapping the button at the top right.

I’m hoping to have the next version out sometime this weekend.

Scrobbeln auf Deutsch

MobileScrobbler is now fully translatable:

If anyone is interested in providing a translation for another language, grab the english language files from here, translate them to your native language, and attach them to this ticket.

I’ll probably set up a mailing list for translators soon to keep up with adding new strings. Stay tuned!


By popular demand, MobileScrobbler can now fetch and display lyrics:

The lyrics data comes from LyricWiki and Leo’s Lyrics. The new version of MobileScrobbler will be available soon.

MobileScrobbler 1.1.1

MobileScrobbler 1.1.1 is a minor bug fix release:

* Move log file to /var/root/Library/MobileScrobbler/debug.log
* Add preferences option to disable logging
* Switch the scrobbler to offline mode when network connection is dropped
* Set radio volume slider to maximum. There is currently an issue with increasing the volume higher than what the iPod player last set it to, currently the volume can only be decreased. This will be addressed in a future version.
* Default logging, scrobbling, and EDGE usage to ON for users upgrading from a previous version to match the behavior of the old versions.

It should be available in Community Sources sometime today.

Also, I’ve retired the repository I was hosting on my site, so you’ll no longer see duplicate versions in Installer. Community Sources now is the official location to download MobileScrobbler from. The downside is that it takes longer to get a new release out, as I don’t have direct control over the repository.

MobileScrobbler 1.1.0

MobileScrobbler 1.1.0 is released! It should show up in the Community Sources repository shortly.

New features:
* Ability to stream Last.FM radio stations over wifi
* Displays Last.FM artist profile for currently playing song
* Ability to disable EDGE usage
* Slightly re-designed status bar icon
* Automatic login
* Mark songs as love / ban on your profile
* Send “Now Listening” data as well as scrobbling finished songs

Bug fixes:
* Fix a freeze when artist or album was not set
* Restart automatically on crash
* Handle usernames with spaces and other special characters

Last.FM Radio Streaming, part 3

Buffering indicator, love/ban/skip buttons, and now the volume slider on the bottom actually works too.

I just have to make the love / ban buttons actually do something, and make the scrobbler scrobble songs you listen to through the radio stream, and then I should be done with the streaming part of MobileScrobbler and can focus on finishing up the rest of it.