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Looks like the counter rolled over again. Stupid counter.

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I’m currently transitioning the site to use PHP and mySQL to create a more streamlined look across the sections, and to ease maintainence for me. Hopefully I wont mess things up too much πŸ™‚

Worried about losing your FrotzDC saved games? Wish you could use your UNIX Frotz saved game on your Dreamcast? Introducing the FrotzDC Saved Game uploader! Now you can use your PlanetWeb browser to upload saves from your VMU to share with others, and you can upload UNIX Frotz saves from your PC and have them converted to VMU files! Check out the new Saved Games section on the FrotzDC page!

I’ve finally finished the back cover for DCBlap and posted it on the DCBlap page. Also, the screenshots and addons pages have been updated to reflect the soon-to-be-released DCBlap 1.0. Stay tuned for the release!

Yeah, I know I just released Frotz DC 0.5 yesterday, but Frotz DC 0.6 is out already today! I recieved a lot of feedback on the previous release and I’ve made enough improvements to warrent another release. Most important change: CD swapping works. You can press Y on the file selector to re-read the cd. I’ve also added support for 40 column mode for people who have trouble reading the smaller text of 80 column mode. This can be toggled by pressing left or right on the color scheme selection screen (Press X from the file selector). Next, I’ve fixed a bug with the arrow keys, so you can navigate the menus in Adventure’s help screen and other areas that rely on the arrow keys. These menus can also be navigated using the controller. Finally, files with the the “dat” extension are now listed on the file selector.

I’ve released a new version of Frotz DC today. The text library has been rewritten from the ground up to support the Dreamcast’s 3D hardware, resulting in much faster and more responsive text input and output. It is also built against the latest version of KOS, offering better support for third-party keyboards.Other major changes include: A flashing cursor, a VMU reading / writing indicator, and more public domain games are included on the CD images. The file selector now also shows files with the “zip” extension. Please note that it cannot load compressed games, but some people seem to be naming z-machine files incorrectly.

Important note: Please delete frotz.ini or frotz-2.ini from your VMU before starting the new version of Frotz DC. An updated version will be created for you.


As some of you already know, I lost my job last week. This has given me a lot of time to update the site! I’ve added several new sections as well as a message board.

On the DCBlap front, Windows users have been getting the short end of the stick lately when it comes to preview releases, so there is a new preview version of DCBlap available for Windows on the DCBlap page. The most important change in this release is the framerate is locked at 30FPS so it doesn’t run too fast for people with crazy over-powered machines πŸ™‚

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I’ve redesigned the website layout to be easier to navigate, and I’ve also added forums. Guest posting is permitted, so registration is voluntary. Please don’t abuse this privilage.

Merry Christmas! I wanted to have DCBlap 1.0 out today, but I spent all day yesterday playing Jet Grind Radio, so I don’t have 1.0 ready yet. Instead we have put together another Dreamcast-only beta for everyone. This version now supports themes, and new themes and maps can be loaded from the VMU as well as the CD. Please download the readme for a more complete list of changes since the thanksgiving beta. Check out the DCBlap page to download the DCBlap Christmas Beta, and visit with a Dreamcast browser to download a holiday addon for your VMU!

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