if you're using Android N, or just want early access to new features and bug fixes, a preview of the next IRCCloud update is now available on the Play Store. You can opt-in for beta updates here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.irccloud.android

If you have any feedback about the app, feel free to use the "Send Feedback" option in the menu, join us in #android on irc.irccloud.com, or send us an email at [email protected]

Here's what's new:
• New message and notification layouts
• Android N: Multi-window, Direct Reply, Data Saver, and keyboard shortcut hints
• Direct Share
• Keyboard shortcuts for switching channels and marking channels as read
• Android Wear 2.0 support
• LG dual window mode
• ZNC server time extension support
• Improve 24 hour timestamps
• Open web URLs faster using Chrome Custom Tabs
• Share photos, videos, and documents from other apps via drag and drop
• Quick reply dialog will now remain open after sending messages, display sent messages, and update when new notifications arrive
• Fix an issue with tapping the up navigation arrow in various dialogs
• Fix an issue with push notifications registration
• Fix an issue displaying pastebins on Android 2.x
• Stability improvements, crashes and bug fixes