My dad called today! He’s back in NZ from his trip to minnesota, and he said he’s planning to move there next year.

We talked about Macs, apparently he also has a PowerBook 😛


The weirdest thing just happened!

I’m traveling down 130S to grab some food from McDonalds, when I hear sirens in the distance. I look at 130N, and there’s no cars coming, so I figure maybe there’s an accident on 130N. Then I see 3 police motorcycles driving up 130N. Then.. I see HUNDREDS of motorcycles! I get up to the next traffic light, and there’s a police car in the middle of the intersection preventing anyone from turning onto 130N and waving 130S to keep going and ignore the red light.

I pull into McDonalds (I’m so glad i didn’t try to go to Wendys, which is on 130N) and everyone is standing around watching these hundred and hundreds of motorcycles and police/fire/rescue vehicals traveling up 130N. It was crazy! I feel bad for the people trying to go north that got stuck behind them, though!

just for gil

I beat the Myst V: End of Ages demo, and you can’t even play it yet! nyah!

quiz time!

This quiz seemed unusually obsessed with Adam. I think they should work on their random generator a bit.

1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.

gas prices

$40 to fill my tank this morning!

Shell V-Power.
Actively cleans
as you drive

Invoice #XXXXXXX


Total Sale$39.00

Shell V-Power,
our most advanced
fuel ever.

Do you know the muffin man?

So on friday, I discovered the most amazing thing:

In the mornings, the cafeteria at work has mango muffins! F*ck banana nut, mango is officially my new favorite muffin flavour.


Quirky kitty

So I was cleaning up files on one of my drives, and Finder presented me with this interesting quirk:

It got down to around -2000 before it finished. Looks like Finder owes me some files.. I’ll keep that in mind next time I have a paper to write!