You must defeat me in a game of GEMini

After a few hours of hardcore bug fixing, Mission:Enigma is now 100% playable and completable. I hope to start releasing public betas of 3.0.8 in the next few days.

Anyone have suggestions for the next ZZT game to focus on?

DreamZZT update

I made a bit of progress on DreamZZT. You can now adjust the game speed and the sound volume from the title screen:

I’ve also integrated the Trac ticket system into the game. When loading a game, it will check to see if any tickets are open that affect that game, and show you a warning with a list:

You can view the details of a specific bug by selecting it:

Also, you can submit new bug reports from inside the game:

Creating bugs from the game will automatically record the version, platform, game, and board, as well as attaching a save of your game.

Marco! Polo!

I installed MarcoPolo on my PowerBook today. It lets you define rules that trigger switching network locations based on what hardware is attached. If my KVM is attached, the PowerBook switches to my “Home (wired)” location. If I remove the KVM, and my wireless access point is in range, then it switches to my “Home (wireless)” location. If there’s no KVM and my access point isn’t in range, it switches to the generic “Automatic” location. Pretty cool little app.


Dear Panic,

Why is your software so awesome?

I’m completely blown away by Coda. Even the website is impressive.

Stop making me give you money.



Jay: I received a call that i thought was you
Jay: but was actually ru paul
Sam: it’s a common mistake

Flickr posts

I’ve added a few improvements to the flickr post script, as demonstrated in the previous entry. Posts now get tagged with the Flickr photo’s tags as well as the “photos” tag, and it adds a copyright notice (depending on the license of the photo on flickr) to the end of the posts. I also updated it to work with the latest version of the phpFlickr library.


Jay: brb reoob
Jay: reboot
Jay: LOL


They’re certainly doing all they can to protect Brady, other than not sending him out alone to meet with nuclear terrorists.

-Dave Barry, The unofficial Dave Barry blog

I am a robot. Do what I say.

Yay! My second script fired off properly, too! Every Sunday at midnight, my box will post my StumbleUpon favorites. The StumbleUpon RSS feed doesn’t provide the date or time, so the script is keeping track of what was posted the week before and only posting new favorites. Since it’s never been run before, today’s list probably spans a bit longer than a week.

I wish Netflix had a way to retrieve the star ratings for movies I’ve rented. I was considering setting up a monthly “movies I’ve watched” script, too, but it’s a bit impersonal without the ratings I’ve assigned, and I’m too lazy to compile it myself.

I might set one up that posts when I complete a goal on 43things, but I haven’t really been using that much. Maybe I’d use it more if they published their data as an ics file, so I could view my goals on my iCal todo list. Though, I suppose I could write that, too…