We’re also experimenting with Handoff on iOS, so you can continue writing on another device

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  1. Annnddd… this, too, is awesome.

  2. I wish iMovie would let you have more than 2 layers so I could add an iPhone frame around the iOS screen

  3. Yeah, that would be better.

    Side note: am I correct in assuming that the Handoff feature will work with Chrome on OS X as well as Safari? I'm pretty sure other Handoff apps have worked with Chrome…

  4. It works from iOS to Chrome, but not the other way around. Safari works both ways.

  5. Not knowing about how Handoff to browsers works, would this be able to work for those of us running irccloud in Fluid.app?

  6. Sure, someone could modify Fluid.app to listen for Handoff events from our iOS app

  7. a bit late here, but why not just implement your own version of handoff so that you have full cross-platform compatibility? Basically, just save whatever the user is typing, and show it on any other platforms that may be open…

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