Fuki-san: With one last final to go, this looks like it should be an exciting event! Now entering GITC-1400 stadium, it’s the Iron Coder: Sam Steele! Sam is 19 years old and comes from the city of Newark. Now lets have a look at our challenger: an IT201 Final exam! Not much is known about this exam yet, it has been top secret until now! One man! One Exam! The HEAT will be ON!!

Fuki-san: Now entering GITC-1400 stadium, it’s the Chairman Marc Sequeria!

Chariman: [japanese text, not subtitled]

Fuki-san: With us today, we have Japanese pop-star AnnoyingGirl, food export Dr. KnowItAll, and japanese fortune teller I.C.Future.

KnowItAll: Greetings. It’s a pleasure to be here today. You know, back in some time period noone’s heard of, the ancient japanese used to take exams, too.

AnnoyingGirl: That’s so interesting! I’ve never been so interested! Tee Hee!

Chairman: ALLEZ CUISINE!!!!!

Fuki-san: The chairman is now handing out the exams, and … what’s this? Ohta, can we get a close up on what he’s handing out?

Ohta: Yes Fuki-san! He appears to be handing out a traditional NJIT essay booklet.

AnnoyingGirl: Ah…

KnowItAll: That’s right, no multiple choice here! ha ha ha. I’ve seen this type of booklet before, he’s probably going to have to write an essay, or maaaaybe… short answer?

AnnoyingGIrl: Short answer?

KnowItAll: Right. Fill-in-the-blank.

AnnoyingGirl: Oh! I get it now. Tee Hee.

Fuki-san: Ohta, can you get a comment from Sam before the exam starts?

Ohta: Sure. Sam, how do you think you’ll do on this exam?

Sam: Who are you, and what are you saying? I dont understand japanese! Where’s the translater lady? Aren’t these exams supposed to be quiet and closed?

Fuki-san: Alright, Sequeira-san is now handing out the exam sheets. Yes! It looks to be both short answer and fill in the blank.

Fortune: You were right!

KnowItAll: Yes. No essay though. ha ha ha.

Fuki-san: What’s this the Iron Coder is pulling out of his pocket?

Fortune: It looks like a wooden stick?

KnowItAll: That’s a writing implement, known as a pencil. These are commonly used to take ScanTron tests, as well as essays and other sorts of exams.

Ohta: You’re right, the Iron Coder has just taken out a Number Two Pencil.

AnnoyingGIrl: Ahh.. number two! So exciting!

Fuki-san: He appears to be.. yes! He’s filling in the answers!

Fortune: He sure knows his stuff.

AnnoyingGirl: Is he hesitating?

KnowItAll: No, I think he’s just concentrating hard.

Fuki-san: He appears to have turned the pencil upside down, and is rubbing it vigerously across the page! I’ve never seen such a technique!

Ohta: Yes, he appears to have misspelled a word, and is erasing the mistake from the page

AnnoyingGirl: Ahh

KnowItAll: You know, erasers are made of rubber.

AnnoyingGirl: That’s so interesting! Tee Hee!

*Female announcer* 5 minutes to go!

Fuki-san: With five minutes left, how do you think he’ll do? Will he finish on time? Let’s find out!

AnnoyingGirl: I hope he’s doing ok, I’m so excitited! Tee Hee!

KnowItAll: Yes, he appears to be on the final problem.

*Female announcer* 5 seconds! 3! 2! 1! *gong*

Fuki-san: That’s it! The time is up! The IT201 final exam is OVER!!!!

Ohta: Sam, how do you think you did?

Sam: Well, I think I did ok.

Ohta: So, you did your best?

Sam: I did my best.