Ok, so Gillian, Jay, and I went to The Break today. They have a bunch of arcade machines, including DDR Extreme, DDR 5th mix, Beatmania 6th mix, Guitar Freaks (wasn’t turned on), and another Beatmania mix.

Gillian and I decided to try out Beatmania while Jay was playing DDR Extreme. We walked up to the newer machine (I forgot the mix), and it had written on it “This is for advanced players! Don’t try to play this if you’re not comfortable with level 7 or higher!” So we avoided that one and went to the Beatmania 6th mix machine.

Beatmania is basically a piano keyboard with 5 notes, with a turntable next to it for “scratching”. You have to press the notes and scratch according to the screen, like DDR, and it’s hard as hell! But… I GOT THE #1 HIGH SCORE ON THE MACHINE!!! Which is sad, because I did horribly. I assume the machine was recently reset, or noone else plays it, or everyone else just sucks too. The machine itself was frustrating, it takes forever to start playing a song, and the high score screen only displayed for a few seconds, so I didn’t manage to get a picture of it. I kept waiting throughout the attraction mode demos, but still no scores 🙁

After that we played with the DDR Extreme and DDR 5th mix machines, it was a lot of fun. Jay kept picking hard songs, and Gillian kept picking easy ones. No more high scores, though. Apparently they have competitions and stuff there, so people a lot better than us have been using those machines. There was actually someone there that was better than Jay! But don’t tell anyone. We’ll pretend it never happened.

Next time, hopefully they’ll have Guitar Freaks hooked up so we can try that one out too!