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Subway Sub Club

I just discovered that Subway discontinued their Sub Club almost a year ago due to fraud :-/ I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’ve eaten at Subway. I was only two stamps away from a free sub, too!

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  1. Yeah, they just did that here recently. Kinda sucks. I can understand though, I was probably part of the problem. 😀 I got to know the guys at the local Subway and they’d give me 2-3 stamps for a 6 inch sandwich. ‘Course I also came in all the time so they were probably making more off of me than they were losing. 🙂 I don’t go as much now…

    1. Apparently people were selling counterfeit stamps on ebay. Looks like they’re going to be deploying a new electronic version of the sub club (similar to supermarket discount cards), but I haven’t seen that available in my area yet.

      1. AHH ok, definitely not a part of that then. That makes me feel a little better anyway. 🙂

        I’ve seen stuff for the electronic club cards, but apparently they also took this opportunity to make it a lot harder to get free sandwiches. So meh. I dunno if I’ll bother.

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