My new ChromeBook has arrived! Feels like a more polished version of the Cr-48

Wonder if the same process for installing Ubuntu on the Cr-48 will also work for this model, guess I'll find out soon!

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  1. I would get one,but they just seem a little too expensive.

  2. Yeah, I got this one free for attending Google I/O. I wouldn't buy one either, they cost too much for their limited functionality. But for free + the free 3G connectivity they make pretty sweet android dev laptops (with Ubuntu), assuming you have a device to test on as it's not fast enough to run the emulator.

  3. If you flip the developer mode switch, you can flip to a text VT by hitting ctrl+alt+F2. I'm not sure if there's a way to run a terminal under X, but I imagine there is.

  4. Was google I/O Worthwhile for you (Without considering the free chromebook?) lol…

  5. yeah, the sessions were very informative. definitely worth attending

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